July 7, 2022


Half the Automotive

10 weeks with Peloton Lanebreak got me hooked on indoor bike workouts

I’ll be straightforward, I didn’t imagine I was a Peloton man or woman. Y’know, the strategy of impressive lycra-clad glowing gazelles with cores of steel and Marvel hero quads? And no, I’m not there (nonetheless) but immediately after additional than two months of furious pedalling via Lanebreak on the Peloton Bicycle+, I have discovered to cease worrying and love the spin.

Peloton’s very first shot at pure gamification – justification the buzzword – is a compellingly developed audio experience that does not just strike all of the ideal notes, but is a fantastic gateway drug to the rest of the conditioning behemoth’s other offerings. 

What is Peloton Lanebreak?

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