May 20, 2022


Half the Automotive

Arrest made when man shows up with stolen ‘$200k super car’ wanting to have the locks changed

The car is quick. Its driver, not so much.

A man driving a “$200k super car” was arrested in Birmingham, England after bringing a high-end orange sports car to an auto-shop for new locks after it was reported stolen Tuesday.

“Shortly after the McLaren was taken, it turned up at a garage in Birmingham by the suspect claiming that the car was his and he needed to get the locks changed,” West Midlands police tweeted.

Brum City Centre cops also weighed-on the big bust in Birmingham.

“Thinking about stealing a 200k super car?” police in the heart of town tweeted. “Think again!!! City centre team 4 have got you covered.”

Only one suspect is said to be in custody.

McLaren Automotive is a British company located in southeast England, just outside of London. The one reported stolen and recovered Tuesday comes from the auto manufacturer’s “Super Series” of street cars.