Building A Land Speed Race Car Part 8: The Deadline Is Looming, Let The Thrash Begin

It’s crunch time and that means the thrash begins! Of course, it also tends to mean that corners are about to be cut, shortcuts are about to be created, and sleep is only a dream. Watch.

If you haven’t been to Bonneville to see land speed racing in person, and haven’t gotten to see what is really going on inside the streamliners that run 200, 300, 400, and even 500 mph then you are missing out at a lot of levels. One is the technology and creativity that is brought to the table at these events. This new streamliner project from FastMatt is one of those that you are going to want to check out, and thanks to his videos you get to see it actually coming together and we dig it. Check out Part Three of the build as he goes over all the challenges of putting a drivetrain in this race car here. Sometimes the engines, transmissions, and axles don’t connect real easily and in a car like this space is at a premium. Watch how Matt handles all of it below.

I’ve been attending and racing at, land speed events for nearly 15 years now which is kind of weird and hard to believe. It’s amazing racing, and a whole other kind of experience compared to drag racing, road racing, circle track racing, etc. But there are still a bunch of similarities in all kinds of racing with regards to speed parts, chassis components, etc. How you put them together and make them work together is a different ball game in some ways though, as frontal area and aerodynamics are so critical on a vehicle like this streamliner. With that said, you still have to fit a driver in it that can actually drive while in it. Makes sense right?

Check it out and tell us what you think!


Katherine E. Ackerman

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