Our Bowling Green Tri-Five Nationals Photo Coverage Continues

Our Bowling Green Tri-Five Nationals Photo Coverage Continues

Our Bowling Green Tri-Five Nationals Photo Coverage Continues

We’ve been sharing a ton of photos that Tim King shot at the Tri-Five Nationals for us, and can’t believe this is the 11th gallery already. We’ve got just a few more to share and thanks to Tim you get to see all kinds of killer shoebox Chevys from Bowling Green Kentucky’s Beech Bend Raceway Park. This place is historic, awesome, and always a good time. If you missed any of our previous photos, use the link below to check them all out.

(Words and Photos by Tim King) 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevrolets – that’s all you’ll see at the Tri Five Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. Don’t think that means there isn’t a lot to see though. Over 2,500 registered vehicles at this event and they came out in force. With the weather being just about perfect, there was no excuse not to head to Beech Bend Park for some Tri-Five action.

Walking around there wasn’t a bad on the grounds. Every variation of the Tri-Five was on hand from Nomad wagons, to four door sedans. Don’t forget from 150’s all the way up to Bel Air’s as well. We saw bone stock 100% original Bel Air’s along with highly modified versions. Whatever your flavor of Tri-Five is, they were sure to have it at the Tri-Five Nationals.

This show also has drag racing all weekend long. As long as the car passed tech, you could run it. We even saw a 100% bone stock 1956 Nomad clicking off a lap. The big excitement was Saturday afternoon when all the cars had been judged and grouped into the Top 25. From there the Top 5 were chosen. Finally, the Tri-Five of the Year was announced which was Bobby Alloway’s ’56. Shortly after that they pulled the winning ticket for one lucky participant to win a brand new ’55 Bel Air! The perfect way to cap off a weekend of Tri-Five.



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