Wray Schelin’s ProShaper: English Wheeling Made Simple!

Wray Schelin is a badass when it comes to metal shaping and we’ve learned a lot by watching him work. In this video you are going to not only learn about English wheel techniques, but also about English wheels themselves and what you should look for.

Keep in mind, if you can only afford a cheapo English wheel then don’t let that stop you from getting one. Will it be ideal, no, but will it help you learn and make some cool parts? Yes!

Video Description:

English Wheeling Made Simple Since the last video we’ve done, we’ve gained a plethora of new subscribers so we went back to the basics and created another English Wheel video using our “Youtube English Wheel”.

In this video, Wray discusses the good and the bad between different English Wheel frames and what you should expect. Wray then goes over the differences between an Upper adjuster and lower adjuster and why he prefers one to the other. He explains the different radiused lower anvils and when you should use them and finally he brings on a real-world example using an Alfa Romeo fender.

There are certain parts on a car that rust, especially where we live. He shows a portion of a fender where if it were rusted and we were making a patch panel for it, how to go about it. We hope you enjoyed this video, let us know in the comments if there is anything else you want to see in the part 2 version of the English Wheel.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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