Benin Gay Bars

Benin is an underrated travel destination due to its African location, however it offers the traveler a unique experience in a different culture. Benin is also a very affordable city to travel in and you will find costs of most commodities and accommodations very affordable. Benin’s gay bars are also in abundance, and you will find your nightlife experience much more inexpensive than at home. The easiest way to travel in Benin is by motorcycle taxi and it is also the most inexpensive. The advantage of moto taxi is not only their cost savings, but the fact that the drivers know the area well, and can lead you directly to the hottest bars. A word of caution though, maintain a record of the driver’s ID just in case you run into a rare problem. The country is a small area in the West of Africa and although homosexuality is illegal it is also tolerated with some abandon. Be aware also that in common with most other African countries that HIV/AIDS is also apparent in the country and it is still relatively poor and healthcare is limited when compared with European standards.

The best approach is to be discreet – this is expected and expecting the same acceptance that you receive in Europe or the U.S is naive. Be discreet, ask around and use the internet to make friends and you will find that Benin is an interesting place with a fascinating culture. You may want to improve your French language speaking ability before you go!

Shopping is unique in Benin and you will not find many urban shopping centers, so use this experience as a chance to take in Benin culture through authentic Benin wares. Almost every village or city will offer you a huge selection of street vendors that will sell you just about anything you want. If you are eating from a street vendor, only purchase foods that are still hot and that have come from bowls with covered lids. After you have taken in the day life with Benin street vendors, unwind with authentic gay culture!

Nightlife is extremely affordable in Benin and you will love sampling Benin beer. The local beer is known as ‘La Beninoise’ but if you are uncomfortable with new tastes, you will not have difficulties locating imports such as Guinness in the local bars. If you prefer something a little stronger, whiskey is cheap and plentiful as well in Benin.

When you are in Benin, use our online directory for a complete listing of Benin gay bars!

Katherine E. Ackerman

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