BlackBerry and Desay SV Automotive partner in China car tech initiative

The next-gen tech offers a dual-screen virtual smart-cabin domain controller to enable safer driving in two Chery models.


Image: Vantas

It sounds futuristic, but it’s new-gen tech available today—leveraging QNX Hypervisor and the QNX Real-time Operating System (RTOS), BlackBerry and Desay SV Automotive partnered to introduce a dual-screen virtual smart-cabin domain controller to enable safer driving in two models of the Chinese automaker Chery, the Tiggo 8 Plus and the Jetour X90.

BlackBerry “products are enabling a safer driving experience with smart drive systems,” said Li Huang, general manager of the technology center at Desay SV Automotive, in a press release. Huang also said that Desay is “excited to deepen our cooperation with BlackBerry to jointly drive innovation in the automotive industry.”


The Tiggo 8 Plus by Vantas

Image: Vantas

Chery (called Vantas in North America) is currently setting up a dealer network in the United States. The Tiggo 8 Plus, an SUV, and the L2 intelligent automated driving system-equipped Jetour X90 were developed and built on Chery’s T1X platform. In a press release, BlackBerry said the latest development will pioneer a more integrated and “powerful” smart cabin, as well as future additional smart-drive solutions.

BlackBerry said that the two models will provide “drivers and passengers with a multi-sensory immersive cinematic experience while on the road,” through Desay SV Automotive’s smart cabin domain controller, built on the QNX Hypervisor. 

The QNX Hypervisor allows for the consolidation of multiple systems with diverse OSs and different reliability and security requirements onto a single System on a Chip (SoC). The QNX Hypervisor offers the same functionality and performance as the QNX Neutrino RTOS, but with an added safety-certification and virtualization support. With the QNX Hypervisor, developers can partition and isolate safety-critical and infotainment systems, ensuring the continued function of critical systems even if other components fail.

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BlackBerry QNX features embedded software, including safety-certified versions of its operating system, hypervisor, development tools and middleware for critical systems in automotive and beyond. Automakers and Tier 1’s use BlackBerry QNX software in their advanced driver assistance, handsfree and infotainment systems, along with digital instrument clusters and connectivity modules. BlackBerry’s QNX technology is embedded in more than 175 million vehicles on the road today.

In February 2020, CNET reported the stop-and-stall state of Chinese automakers in the U.S., and noted that the U.S.-China trade put plans “on the backburner.” Chery/Vantas said that all cars sold under the Vantas band in North America would be made in U.S. factories. The plan was to work with HAAH Automotive (a California-based company partnered with the Chinese company Zotye, which also wants to import its cars to the U.S.) to oversee the process of production. A recent report from HAAH announced that “exclusive to North America,” Vantas will arrive in the U.S. in late 2022.  


Image: Vantas

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