BMW’s i Vision Circular Is a Sustainable, Recycled EV

The automotive industry is one of the most planet-harming manufacturing sectors, even if the focus on electric cars is bigger than ever, but BMW is looking to change this with its just-revealed concept, the i Vision Circular.

Positioned as a car for 2040, the i Vision Circular combines sustainability with the marque’s premium and luxurious touch for something that’s never been seen in the automotive world before. As the name suggests, the car has been designed using the principles of a circular economy, which in turn aims to make BMW the “world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the individual premium mobility space.”

Under the titles “RE:THINK,” “RE:DUCE,” “RE:USE,” and “RE:CYCLE,” BMW has created a car that is made entirely from either recycled materials or are 100% recyclable. This is achieved by using materials that have already fulfilled a product life cycle and by using bio-based raw materials, and to further the car’s eco-friendliness, it’s an electric car that uses an all-solid-state battery that’s 100% recyclable and “manufactured almost entirely using materials sourced from the recycling loop.”

Furthermore, BMW has maintained a high level of luxury while not using industry-standard materials that equate to the notions of luxury automotive. For example, there is no exterior paint, chrome, or interior leather trim, while signature design elements such as the car’s kidney grille is actually a digital interface that merges with the headlights. This touch lends itself to a cleaner design, thus playing the part of “RE:DUCE.”

There is no unnecessary badging or trim, instead, the brand badge on the front is engraved and the vehicle badge is laser-etched. For the tires, BMW has produced “Vivid Blue Rubber” made from “certified, sustainably cultivated natural rubber” that’s slightly transparent, while elements such as the steering wheel have been 3D printed.

All-in-all, the BMW i Vision Circular truly represents the possibilities of future mobility. Take a look at the concept above, and stay tuned to HYPEBEAST and HYPEBEAST Car Club for more information.

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Katherine E. Ackerman

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