C3 Corvette Widebody LS6 Rambo

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This car is the perfect racing vehicle for autocross and road racing with a beautiful vintage style.

Corvettes have been on a roll lately in popular car culture because of their incredible versatility on the track and street. Pair that with the mounding controversy surrounding the newest generation ‘Vette, and you have the perfect recipe for America’s favorite sports car to take the spotlight in nearly car conversation. Unlike most performance models, such as the Challenger, Charger, and Camaro, the classic Corvette models seem to be far more iconic than the newer generations, and for a good reason. That’s because builders are starting to pull off some truly incredible feats of engineering with the vintage ‘Vette platform. As a result, this car is the pinnacle of that constant search for Corvette performance.

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Under the hood is an LS6 engine custom-built to produce a whopping 410 horsepower to the rear wheels. Initially, the car’s engine bay supported an LT1 V8, but that was taken out by a previous owner who had also raced the car. 410 horsepower may not seem like much in today’s world of high horsepower automotive adventure but, at just 2,700lbs, this car takes off like a rocket ship. Speaking of rocket ships, you might also notice the incredible widebody kit, which boasts fender flares that reach out far past the original body lines. Again, this was inspired by the car’s last owner, who had flared it out as well but in a much more mild manner.

This car is no novice on the track as it is regularly used for autocross and road racing, where it dominates nearly every other vehicle in its class. Furthermore, this incredible performance is massively functional on the autocross circuit as every piece of the car has been tuned to handle like it’s on rails. So, of course, this was the perfect platform for this project, and the build will likely inspire countless enthusiasts to do the same.

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Katherine E. Ackerman

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