Canada Pushing For Electric Vehicles To Comprise 100% Of New Car Sales By 2035


The Canadian government is not mucking around when it comes to kick starting its transition to an all-EV car market. It is fronting $400 million in new funding for EV charging stations, with an aim of adding 50,000 EV charging stations to Canada’s network. The Canada Infrastructure Bank is supplementing this with an additional investment of $500 million in EV charging and related infrastructure. A further $600 million is being invested in the Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program to ensure the EV charging grid itself is also powered by renewable energy sources. 

The Canadian government is also offering up $1.7 billion to further extend its Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) program that is aimed at providing subsidies to make the purchase of EVs more affordable for ordinary Canadian citizens. In 2021, only one in 20 new cars sold in Canada were EVs according to Electric Autonomy Canada. To help get to the all EV 2035 target, the Canadian government is putting in place sales mandates that will see EVs accounting for 20 percent of new cars sold in 2026, at least 60 percent by 2030 before hitting the 100 percent target in 2035.


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Jaime E. Love

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