Convert To A Browns Gas Engine Fuel Saver By Using Water As Fuel

Everyone is looking for that one easy and simple way to save on fuel. But none of the information you get is hands on. That is until now, convert your vehicle to a browns gas, engine fuel saver, by using water as fuel. This is a very practical and inexpensive system that separates the water molecules into what is called browns gas which mixes with the gasoline and allows it to burn more efficiently.

It is a very simple and easy system using electrolysis and water, that is in a sealed container under the hood or your vehicle, that is converted to hydroxy also known as browns gas. When you convert your vehicle to browns gas you will see and feel improvement in your vehicles performance. Your vehicle will produce cleaner emissions, your vehicles engine will run cooler which will make it last longer.

You can build your own engine fuel saver for around $100 or less if you can find a lot of the kits parts around your home. The basic parts are wire, plastic sealed container , vacuum hose, fuse, some baking soda and tap water. Once your have the instructions, you can easily convert you vehicle to a browns gas engine fuel saver, just by using water as fuel.

Not only would you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on fuel but make money while doing it. Because the best thing about this system you can replicate it, and make some extra money by installing it on all of your vehicles, plus your family and friends vehicles.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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