Costly Mistakes That Could Ruin Your ATV

Your all terrain vehicle is not just a toy; it is an investment for either business or pleasure. However, a mistake could ruin your ATV, turning to liability. By investing a small amount of time knowing the costliest blunders you can commit to your ATV, you are protecting your investment big time.

Forgetting About the Air Filter

The air filter is essential in maintaining your engine’s efficiency. If the air filter is filled with dirt and grime, that’s bad news for your engine. From the component’s name, its job is to filter the air the engine needs to produce power and when it fails to do its one duty, your ATV’s engine might be up for serious repairs.

When the air filter is dirty for an extended period of time, the engine has no defense against dust and dirt. Over time, your ATV will show the symptoms of riding with a filthy air filter including reduction in performance and loss in horsepower. If you are not a lucky guy, your quad might need a new engine.

To avoid committing this blunder, commit to cleaning your air filter every time you go on a nasty ride. A few minutes and a few dollars will go a long way in keeping your engine in tiptop shape for years.

Submerging the Quad

Some people consider riding their ATV on terrain covered with mud and shallow water as the ultimate fun. They push their quads to the limit, measuring the number of inches of mud it takes to get the vehicle stuck. While the activity can be sight to see, you are putting your investment in a risky position.

Once your quad’s engine sucks water or mud, you are reducing the value of your investment by allowing moisture to mix with gasoline and oil. So do not be surprised if your ATV sputters in the heat of the moment; that’s just the quad telling you it is choking. However if the blunder has already been committed, the best thing that you can do is to tow the vehicle to the nearest shop. Fixing the ATV yourself is a bad move. Do not try to fix a mistake with another mistake.

Spoiling the Fuel

Does gasoline go bad? According to a report published by CNN, it does. Apparently, gas left inside your fuel tank will degrade if not used for a couple of months. This issue is not popular because car owners rarely leave their vehicles sitting inside the garage for a prolonged period of time. It’s a different story when it comes to quad owners.

Many owners are guilty of ditching their ATVs for a season and two only to expect it to perform like brand new days before summer. Bad fuel can cause your vehicle to poorly perform or not perform at all. Therefore if you live in an area where ATVs are not fun riding during the winter, you can mix fuel system stabilizers to your quad’s gas. Based on the same report, it can extend the freshness of the gas for up to 15 months.

Leaving the Radiator Clogged

ATV owners enjoy it when they take their vehicles on off-road adventures. While quads are built for that type of use, they are not designed to keep dirt and grime away forever. Different elements like sand, mud and debris can get inside your radiator and when that occurs, your engine will take the heat.

A filthy radiator can cause your engine to overheat, and it is something that you don’t want to happen when you are showing off your new ride to your friends. So whenever you ride through muddy or dusty terrain, make sure the radiator is also attended to.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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