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Coilovers are one of the most popular updates installed on cars. They are great for improving handling and performance, and removing unsightly fender gaps. The flip side is that improper modifications can create undesirable driving and riding effects.

Solo Werks coilovers are some of the most popular aftermarket components available. If you have installed them already or are considering them at all, you are probably ready to make adjustments and hit the streets.

Before you do, this basic primer will tell you how to do so. Keep reading to ensure your coilovers are properly adjusted and ready to ride.

Solo Werks Coilover Benefits

There are several advantages to Solo Werks coilovers. The first is the cost. They are high-performing, durable components, especially for the price point.

Second, these coilovers will provide a more dynamic driving experience without sacrificing comfort. This means that your vehicle will handle better but still be suitable for daily driving. 

Note that there are distinct versions of the component designed for different car manufacturers. For instance, the Solo Werks Coilovers MK7 fits many Volkswagen models, while the Solo Werks S1 is designed for Audis.

Adjusting Preload Rings

First, you will want to ensure that your vehicle is elevated off the ground using a jack and/or supports. You will also need to remove the wheels to access the coilovers.

The preload is important to get right because too much will result in a stiffer ride. Too loose and the ride will be too bouncy.

Your coilovers should have come with a set of spanner wrenches designed for adjusting the height. If not, you may need to buy one from an auto parts store or online.

Place the teeth of one wrench in the ridges of the locking ring and lower it. Do the same for the preload ring.

Move the preload ring back up until it is barely touching the coil. Move the locking ring back up but do not tighten it completely.

You will want to move the preload ring about another 4 millimeters further up. Use one wrench to hold the locking ring in place and another to completely tighten the locking ring. This will ensure the coilovers are snug without having too much preload height.

Adjusting Height

Now that your preload is set, you can adjust the height of the coilovers whenever you want. There is a similar ring to the locking and preload rings at the very bottom of the component. First, loosen it, then use a wrench to turn the preload ring to adjust the height.

With the locking ring in place, this will move the entire coilover shaft up or down (whichever way you prefer) without moving the preload ring. When you get it to the preferred height, tighten the bottom ring.

Learn More About Component Adjustments

Now that you know how to make adjustments to Solo Werks coilovers, you can increase performance and handling as well as the aesthetics of your vehicle. If you have difficulties, your local modifications shop can lend assistance.

UroTuning is owned and operated by auto enthusiasts, and is your number one source of OEM and aftermarket performance Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW parts. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service and competitive pricing. Check out our extensive online inventory or reach out to us today for assistance.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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