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Did you know that the automotive performance parts market was worth $324 billion in 2021? This value shows that people are willing to spend their hard-earned cash to have a vehicle with the best parts modifications ever.

Volkswagen performance parts don’t just include the engine bay, but from shocks, springs, and sway bars you can modify it all. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of the performance parts that you need.

Cold Air Intake

The first bit of a real kit you will want on your VW is a cold air intake. Cooler, more efficient airflow will help improve your engine combustion cycle, thus giving you more horsepower. Cold air intake won’t improve your engine horsepower dramatically though, as you can expect about 10 more HP. 

Combining the cold air intake with other performance parts is what will improve your vehicle overall. Should your VW have a turbo installed, the cold air intake will improve performance quite a bit compared to a naturally aspirated vehicle.

Aftermarket Exhaust and Downpipe

To complement the cold air intake, you will want to install a downpipe as well as a complete stainless steel exhaust pipe. What the downpipe does is remove the catalytic converter and add a straight steel downpipe from the exhaust manifold. 

Erasing the catalytic converter creates a clear path for the exhaust gases to escape from the vehicle. Add a free flow exhaust pipe system and your exhaust gases will have a clear escape point.

This not only adds more horsepower but gives your engine a nice grunting noise. On a naturally aspirated vehicle, you can expect to get around a 20 HP increase. On the other hand, a turbocharged vehicle can get double that depending on engine size and torque.

Adjustable Shocks and Coil Springs

Adding a set of aftermarket shocks and coil springs won’t make your Volkswagen any faster, but what it will do is give you better handling so you and your vehicle can handle all that extra power.

A good set of shocks gives your vehicle a better ride height and a better center of gravity. Buying adjustable ones will allow you to adjust the height depending on the situation at hand. Coil springs add more ride-ability to the vehicle and add some cushioning for any bumps in the road, especially when you are going over them at high speed.

Upgrade Your Vehicle With Aftermarket Volkswagen Performance Parts

We all don’t want any ordinary old ride and by choosing these aftermarket Volkswagen performance parts, your vehicle will be faster and handle better for it. Sure, it won’t be that cheap, but anything worth having won’t come easily or cheaply.

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Katherine E. Ackerman

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