How to ride your mountain bike in hot weather (and not overheat!)


How do you keep great on a mountain bike throughout a heatwave? When temperatures soar you need to make sure you are hydrated, protected and don’t overheat our warm temperature mountain biking guidelines and expert guidance will aid you keep secure

So you want to experience your mountain bicycle in a warmth wave? If you just just can’t skip out on a working day of using, you can just take a few added safeguards to make sure you have fun with out overheating.

1. Stay hydrated

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To keep away from dehydration, just take a good deal of liquid with you to consume when you go out riding, and make certain you drink plenty in advance of you go and all over again when you get back again. Currently being thirsty on a trip is not just distracting dehydration can have an affect on your cognitive perform, potentially increasing your probabilities of crashing, and serious dehydration can have major effects in and of itself.

Dehydration is exactly where your overall body loses far more fluid than you just take in, in accordance to the UK’s Countrywide Health and fitness Company dehydration assistance. Delicate signs contain thirst (naturally), experience dizzy, exhausted, dark-coloured pee, and a dry mouth and eyes. Appear out for these, and rehydrate if you notice any of them.

The common guidance is close to one litre each hour in temperatures more than 30°C, but as the temperature rises, you’ll possibly need to drink extra.

2. Hold your electrolytes topped up

Photo of hands peeling a banana

The banana. A typical path snack for a motive.

In sizzling temperature, you’ll be sweating closely, even a lot more so if you are working out, and your body will get rid of the vital sugars and salts, AKA electrolytes, it demands to function effectively. Make guaranteed you replenish them.

You could use a flavoured hydration tablet dissolved in your hydration backpack reservoir or, if you use h2o bottles, alternate drinking from just one with this in and one particular stuffed with h2o. You could also use simple rehydration salts that you can get from most pharmacies and drug stores, or make your have by introducing a modest pinch of salt to some fruit squash.

You can also get electrolytes from food items pickles are a well-liked selection, as is the good aged banana. Cheese, melon, milk and nuts are also fantastic sources. We’re pondering a awesome, icy chilly post-trip banana and peanut butter milkshake is sounding fairly very good proper about now.

3. Stay clear of using during the most popular part of the day

Program your trip to prevent the most popular elements of the day. In the British isles, the Met Workplace advocate averting work out among 11am and 3pm.

The early morning and late night are much cooler, so head out early or late, or as a substitute of just one extended ride how about two shorter ones each conclude of the day?

4. Dress in mild, breathable clothes

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This is a bit of a no-brainer, but fundamentally choose your lightest, most breathable kit for any rides you have planned.

Opt for shorts as an alternative of trousers, decide on garments that are designed of highly breathable materials or with temperature-regulating features, eg. shorts with laser-lower air flow holes, helmets with lots of air ports, and gloves and socks that have a finer knit.

5. Stay nearby

It’s tempting to want to generate off somewhere to go ride, but you are going to do oneself (or your bike) no favours by remaining in a incredibly hot automobile for a time period of time, particularly if you get stuck in website traffic since all people else has had the same concept.

Or if your car has remarkable air conditioning, going from cool car to sizzling path will also be a little bit of a shock to your program – if you are heading to do this, give you a bit of time to acclimatise to the outdoor temperature before dashing up that to start with climb.

So keep local if you can, hit your close by trails, and you will also be nearer to residence when you want to neat off afterwards.

6. Head for the trees

Rooty runs by the forest are far too excellent for the hardcore to hoard. Pic: Andy Lloyd.

Got a forest in close proximity to you? Head there for your experience.

The temperature in shaded regions beneath trees is typically considerably cooler concerning 1°C to 5°C in reality, according to the United States Environmental Defense Agency. This is not just mainly because the trees supply shade, but also due to the fact of some thing called transpiration the trees release drinking water which evaporates, drawing heat away with it. Thank you trees!

7. Apply loads of sunscreen

Photo of P40 sunscreen

Acquire some SPF30 (or previously mentioned) sunscreen. Implement it liberally to each individual region of your system which is not included by clothes and that will be uncovered to the sun. Repeat ever few of several hours.

Sun burn is not nice, and skin cancer is considerably even worse, so slop that things on and preserve making use of it all over the day as you will sweat it off around the class of a ride. Modern-day sun screens are economical, and simple to apply – we like the spray-on kinds.

8. Go over up if you can

It can appear counterintuitive, but if you can address up locations that are usually uncovered to the sunlight with light, breathable fabrics, you are going to incorporate an more stage of sun security. What is extra, a lot of contemporary breathable fabrics might even assistance you experience cooler, thanks to dampness evaporating from the material and drawing your system heat with it. This is notably critical if you are likely be out in the open and not sheltered by trees.

Think about a light breathable bandana or buff for the again of your neck, a loose extensive-sleeved top and comprehensive-finger gloves.

9. Shield your eyes

Photo of Alpina Rockit Bold Q-Lite sunglasses

Your eyes are also sunshine-sensitive, not to point out the point that there is probable to be a load of dust kicked up when using in a heatwave. Get a excellent pair of biking sun shades with tinted, mirrored lenses that will give your eyes security from UV rays and brightness.

Odds are your helmet has a peak in any case, but these are also handy for giving a bit extra overhead shade for your encounter and eyes.

10. Verify your tyre and suspension force

Sizzling temperature equals superior temperatures, and better temperatures causes gasses to develop. Considering the fact that you have fuel in your tyres and suspension, and since equally of these depend on tuned stress to perform as meant, make confident you verify your tyre and suspension pressions right before you trip.

You may obtain that both tyre and suspension pressures are better and for that reason experience firmer in hot temperature, which will in flip have an effect on the handling and regulate of your bicycle. So do not forget about to examine this and tweak it prior to you journey.

11. Don’t trip also tricky

You may well be in the middle of training for an event, looking to improve your exercise, or only have a constrained window of time to get out for a spin, but a warmth wave is not the time to thrust your system to the restrict.

Warmth provides worry to your program as your system works to keep itself awesome sufficient to work adequately. Training adds far more heat to the blend, and as a result a lot more pressure. Although you may possibly be great on a mild spin,  full-on max heart rate uphill sprints may be a little bit considerably in this temperature, and you don’t want to idea around into warmth exhaustion or its a lot more severe sibling, heat stroke.

So, postpone the interval education right until temperatures have decreased (or go away it for the cooler early mornings) and opt for a slower, steadier speed rather.

12. Stay away from alcoholic beverages

Ah, that submit-experience chilly beer. So really tempting. But it may be well worth substituting it for a delicate drink or a reduce liquor choice like a shandy or radler, as alcoholic beverages contributes to dehydration.

If you experienced a handful of beverages the night right before your trip, make excess guaranteed you’ve got plenty of liquids with you to compensate.

How scorching is as well scorching for mountain biking?

There are some extremely genuine risks to driving in extreme temperatures, these kinds of as heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn, and if you’ve acquired any fundamental health and fitness ailments, this adds far more danger.

So although it’s obviously lovely to get out riding when the trails are dry and the sky is obvious, if specialist tips is to stay clear of working out then question oneself if you definitely need to go out for a large experience, or can you hold out until finally temperatures fall to safer ranges.

A single of the major challenges from driving in excessive warmth is heatstroke, which is a major ailment that requires urgent health-related consideration. Commonly, a man or woman will screen signs of warmth exhaustion very first a headache, dizziness, nausea, pale clammy skin and other signs as explained by the NHS. Extreme dehydration is also no joke.

If you see these indications in by yourself or any one else, you will need to support the man or woman great down, and maintain an eye on them. Initial aid guidance for warmth stroke from the Crimson Cross  is worthy of figuring out. And if you are experience at all unwell since of the warmth, seek guidance from a medical expert.

Stay great, get pleasure from your journey!


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