May 21, 2022


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Lexus Jumps In On The Online Car Sales Bandwagon With New Pilot Program

Lexus has announced a comprehensive retail program pilot aimed at providing consumers with a new shopping experience.

Dubbed Monogram, the program gives customers an integrated user experience across the official Lexus website, the dealership website, and the physical dealership itself. Users are able to start their journey towards Lexus ownership online and can complete their purchase from the comfort of their own home or, if they so wish, their Monogram dealer.

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“Our goal is to create greater transparency with our guests and efficiency for our dealers – whether that’s in the showroom or online,” group vice president and general manager of Lexus Division, Andrew Gilleland, said. “From increased flexibility for guests to enhanced technology for our dealers, Monogram provides our brand the tools to anticipate guest expectations today and into the future.”

The retail program provides guests with more control over how they purchase their vehicle and has been developed in partnership with Toyota Motor North America and Lexus Financial Services. For Lexus dealerships, the system seamlessly integrates with current inventory information, the customer relationship management system and directly with financing through Lexus Financial Services.

Monogram is currently being piloted in select markets and will expand throughout the year. Lexus adds that an all-new Monogram online experience that allows customers to complete their new vehicle purchase online will be introduced in Spring 2021.

Toyota has developed a very similar system for itself dubbed SmartPath. It is available in select markets through 50 dealerships and will also grow during 2021.

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