Shady Brady Hats Review

Shady Brady Hats have been around for the last twenty five years, and by the looks of it, will remain at the top of the business for another twenty five years to come! The reason why Shady Brady Hats receive such phenomenal reviews is simple: they produce classy and high quality hats for everyone. The Village Hat Shop usually houses comparatively small and owner operated hat corporations. These are known by their unique products, styling and reliability.

One of these Shady Brady Hats that has gained immense popularity in these recent years is the straw hat. You might have noticed Julia Roberts sporting one of these in the movie, ‘The Runaway Bride’ starring opposite Richard Gere! You might be tempted to ask, what really makes these simple straw hats a cut above the rest? Well, these straw hats are pack-able! The natural fibers used in this type of hat are the unbreakable raffia straw. They won’t break under pressure and make the hat long lasting.

The other range that enjoys as much popularity is the Cowboy Hat range. It is known for its durability. These hats are characterized by the baked on water resistant coating, cushioned sweatbands and finally the wire reinforced brims.

Shady Brady Hats are made in the United States and each of their products has their own distinctive flavor! The hats are hand crafted- this lends them a look that is characteristic of Shady Brady Hats. Different kinds of leathers are used for different parts of the hat to render it more durable. Another feature is its brim- none of the Shady Brady Hats ever lose their shape easily, and in case such a thing occurs, they can be restored to their original shape easily.

As aforementioned, the straw hats are constructed with unbreakable raffia straw and have a warranty period of one year. They have shapeable wire brims, and are usually made with dark colored straws that make them look classy and tough. There are two categories available: one can buy hats with or without woven ventilation. The re-shapeable brims are pretty wide, affording protection from sunshine, while the cushioned sweatbands help keep the sweat from falling on your face- keeping your make up intact!

I hope there are no more questions in your mind regarding these Shady Brady Hats. As with most commercial products, there are various types of straw hats flooding the market these days. However, when you are paying your hard earned money to buy a hat that will afford you protection from sunlight- you must opt for something that will keep your needs in mind. As far as durability and quality is concerned- nothing can beat these Shady Brady Hats.

Many celebrities, apart from Julia Roberts, have endorsed these hats. This indeed is an accessory that you most certainly cannot do without! Go and grab your own Shady Brady Hat, whether straw or felt, from the nearest high end retail store as these are not available in regular supermarkets. You won’t regret your decision for sure!

Katherine E. Ackerman

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