The Benefits Of Driving A 49cc Scooter

Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, many people are looking for alternative and cheaper ways to get around. If you are in this situation, you may wish to consider purchasing a 49cc Scooter. Although scooters do come with some drawbacks, the benefits you receive from driving one far outweigh the disadvantages. Those who are on a very limited budget benefit from the gas that can be saved by using the scooter. A scooter of this type can get up to 100 miles per gallon. They are also very light and compact making them perfect for every member of the family, including teenagers.

The 49cc Scooter is perfect for those who have short commutes and love to ride in the open air. There are easy to maneuver, handle and park. If you have ever tried to park in a major city, you know how difficult this can be. Although many believe these are very similar to motorcycles, they are actually much easier to learn how to drive. Parking a scooter is a piece of cake though, much like parking a bike. Independently locking wheels and other safety features make the theft of your scooter very unlikely. They also increase the overall safety of the machine.

When you buy a 49cc scooter, be aware that it does not go over 35 miles an hour. Furthermore they are not designed for highway use or roads with high speed limits. If you are on the heavy side, tend to carry heavy loads or drive in areas where weather is often bad, it is important that you take special care. This is because all of these factors can potentially affect the speed of the scooter while also making the handling of the machine more unpredictable.

Some states do require that you obtain a special license or motorcycle certification and you should ensure that you look in to this before you purchase a 49cc scooter. The laws concerning the operation of these vehicles can also vary greatly from state to state so be sure to research and learn everything possible. The same is true of customization. You can customize your scooter in a great number of different ways, but only within the limits set by your state. Fortunately driving this type of vehicle is fun though even with no upgrades. Of course the money you save on gas is a significant added benefit.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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