The Future Summit 2021 Is a Sneak Peek of the Cars of the Future

The cars of the future are coming sooner than you think, and the world’s top automotive industry executives are wrestling with change that is as revolutionary as the switch from the horse to the car more than 120 years ago.

From gas power to electrification, from driving yourself to being driven, these are the monumental challenges that will be tackled head on during the Reuters Events: Car of the Future Summit 2021, where global leaders from major automakers and automotive suppliers will share how they are planning to transform their companies to meet the new reality.

Chief among them is the switch to electric-powered vehicles. Many of the world’s top automakers have committed to electrifying their fleets in as little as a decade from now and are spending billions to do so. But is the general public really ready? How will automakers make the transition without going bankrupt in the process?

Arguably as important to the immediate future is how technology is rapidly reshaping how people interact with cars. As systems such as Super Cruise by General Motors and Tesla’s Autopilot start to become more commonplace, how do automakers prevent against misuse of new technologies while pushing the envelope?

Then there’s the dream of the fully autonomous car, how autonomy would eliminate fatalities from car crashes, transform the transportation landscape, and allow for a new generation of augmented reality and other technologies to communicate with “drivers.”

No one has all the answers, and that’s why events like Reuters Events: Car of the Future Summit 2021 matter. It allows industry movers and shakers to share their strategies and learn about cutting edge technologies they can use. Among the 40-plus speakers will be Dr. Gill Pratt, CEO of the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Inc., and Pamela Fletcher, Vice President of Global Innovation of General Motors.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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