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Have you ever had a vehicle accident or been involved in an accident before? Imagine if you were driving your boss’ car or your future father-in-law’s vehicle when you were involved in an accident. That won’t be a comfortable situation to be in, nor would the conversation that follows it – even if it wasn’t your fault at all. That same feeling is one you’ll experience if you ever damaged a rental car, even if someone else caused it. In times like that, you’ll be grateful you took out comprehensive rental car coverage.

Even if you don’t take out the car insurance from the rental car company, you must take out some form of car insurance while the rental car is in your possession. Which type of rental car insurance is best for you? What should you look out for when choosing rental car insurance covers? This article will take a deep-dive into those.

You will come across three main types of rental car insurance available on the market to choose from: these are Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, and Third-Party Liability Insurance. In fact, there are also degrees and levels of added protection for each of these types of insurance, meaning that the cover will protect you for even higher amounts of insurance in the event of accidents and vehicle damage, as well as from third-party liability claims. The one type most people are familiar with is called “super cover” in which it offers the most comprehensive insurance package for rental cars. Most rental car companies will try to sell you this type of insurance cover at their pick-up offices, but you can usually find a better deal for “super cover” by taking your time to search online for the best deal to suit your pocket.

It is important to obtain the highest level of cover possible for your budget. You may not be the reason or cause for a motor vehicle accident, but you’ll be held liable for any claims and monies due to the rental car company.

As we’ve mentioned, search online platforms that offer reviews of car insurance – such as – to learn which insurance covers are the best for your needs. You can shop around for deals and even find coupons and vouchers for free or discounted “super cover” for your next rental car purchase.

Your most basic insurance cover you should consider must provide coverage for tire damage, wheel damage, window damage or replacement, exterior mirror damage, undercarriage damage (including suspension, shocks, and underbody protection panels), and roof area damage. Make sure the engine and transmission are also covered, of course. You don’t want to be left stranded at the side of a road without a rental car and a hefty repair bill in the post.

Buying additional car rental insurance may not seem necessary immediately, but it will dawn on you the moment another car rear ends your rental. Don’t skimp on the insurance to save a few dollars upfront because if you’re involved in an accident, damaged the vehicle, or it is stolen, you will be handed a stiff bill for thousands of dollars.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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