Visiting Mauritius – Part 1

If you want to come to Mauritius for holidays you may want to know more about the island. Mauritius is an island developed enough to satisfy the needs of tourists. Various transport facilities are available including local buses or car rentals. As for living, hundreds of hotels exist throughout Mauritius. These hotels are ready to give a royal reception to many tourists and hence make them live an unforgettable moment during their stay.

So, how do you get in Mauritius? Most people come to Mauritius by plane. Airplanes land at the Sir Seewoosagur International Airport found at Plaisance. This is the only airport found in Mauritius. The Air Mauritius is the local plane and connects many countries both internationally and locally. Everyday the Air Mauritius has flights to Asia, Africa, Australia or Europe. This also includes flights to the nearby islands such as Reunion, Rodrigues and Seychelles among others. Additionally, regional airlines such as Air Austral, Air Madagascar and Air Seychelles take passengers to and from Mauritius. Also, international Airlines for instance, Air France, British Airways and South African Airways among others occasionally join Mauritius from their respective countries.

Furthermore, another means to be able to come to Mauritius is by boat. Mauritius has two ships known as the Mauritian Pride and the Trochetia. These ships travel to and from Mauritius to surrounding islands such as Madagascar, Reunion and Rodrigues. Once you are in Mauritius, you must be wondering how to circulate throughout the island. Transport facilities are plentiful in Mauritius. Cars, bikes and motorcycles are easily available for hire. On the other hand, local bus facilities such as the United Bus Service, National Transport Coropration, Rose Hill Transport or even the Triolet Bus Service encompass the island. There are also taxi services which can be found practically everywhere in Mauritius. Taxi services are also available from hotels to take tourists on tours of their choice. But most of the times hotels in Mauritius organise outstanding excursions to take good care of the enjoyment of their clients.

Moreover, now that you know about the traveling facilities, you must be pondering over the idea about where to go and what to visit. If you decide to head north, then Grand Bay is the right place to go. Grand Bay had been the first place in Mauritius to experience tourism at its best. Even Mauritians go to Grand Bay if they want to enjoy a night or day full of fun. Exquisite restaurants, hotels, night clubs and shopping arenas are the ingredients that make of Grand Bay one of the most enjoyable places to go in Mauritius. Water sports such as parasailing, scuba diving, undersea walk or even submarine ventures are all accessible for tourists who want unlimited fun. Since you are already in the North of Mauritius you could also go to Pereybere. You could make your stay worthwhile by visiting the pubs and restaurants. Not to forget, you could also seize the opportunity to give yourself all the credit of profiting from the superb Pereybere beach and its Turquoise water.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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