Zwift Duathlon Racing is Here

The races are short and sweet, in accordance with racing Zwift culture. But not that short. The format is bike-run, with the cycling leg consisting of a no draft 35-minute race, but it’s mass start. One advantage to Zwift is that the platform can simply turn off drafting. Of course, most of us who take part in Zwift events are on virtual road bikes, and you’ll want to go into the Zwift “garage” and choose your fastest available TT equipment, including a tri bike. If you don’t choose your own equipment you’ll be placed on the default Zwift TT bike when you enter the pen.

Note this isn’t distance-specific, but time-specific. Everyone cycles for 35 minutes. At least one reason for this is that the run leg will start precisely 10 minutes after the bike leg finishes, so, everyone in this format gets an identical amount of time between the bike and run. The run is a 15-minute race.

The race is scored on the basis of how many accumulated meters you complete in both legs. You get a point for every 5 meters you cycle, and for every 1 meter you run. Results will be available at the Zwift Racing League results page. Here is Zwift Duathlon League home, where you’ll sign up.

Results will be according to gender and age group. This is not a pro series. Races will take place every Wednesday, for 6 consecutive weeks, starting on February 17th. A heart rate monitor will be a scoring requirement. There will be several race options throughout the day, for those in various time zones.

Updates, smack talk, what have you, will be hosted on a thread on our Reader Forum just for the purpose.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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