When it comes to a motorcycle exhaust, the pipes can become extremely hot. Because of the close proximity of the rider’s legs to the exhaust, accidental burns do occur quite often. These burns can often be serious and require a significant amount of recovery time. Fortunately there are low-cost products […]

Launched in 1998, the Suzuki AN 250 and AN 400 scooters started off the famous Burgman series of super-scooters. Fitted with a large 250cc engine and designed for comfort and convenience, these large scooters were immediately popular with urban commuters. The Suzuki AN 250 could handle itself in almost any […]

What is Motorcycling Riding Gear? Motorcycle Riding gear Keep your daredevil spirit but smartly! Motorcycle riding needs full protection. To ensure road safety and eliminate fatal accidents, a rider should pad up well. Motorcycling riding gear include protective clothing and helmets. The protective coverings include special types of jackets, gloves, […]

Kids, the first motorcycle sold was a Hildebrand and Wolfmuller. This was in 1894 when many kids rode bicycles… Engines and Frames Bicycle companies put a new invention, the internal combustion engine, onto their bicycles. When new engines became more powerful the standard bicycle frames, wheels and chains could not […]