10 Beautiful cars featured at Salon Prive Classic and Supercar 2022 by the Drivers Union

It was the first time I’ve attended Salon Privé Classic and Supercar, and what a great event it is. You can read more about the event and it’s parent event Salon Privé here. You can also see lots of photos in our gallery here, and we’ve lots of great videos on our YouTube channel here and dedicated Salon Privé playlist here.

Anyway, here are 10 beautiful cars that I chose, that featured at Salon Prive Classic and Supercar 2022 by the Drivers Union. Drivers Union was founded in 2012 and has over 1,000 supercar owning members, of which I am a one.

I’ve gone for eclectic mix of cars, purposely focusing not on one marque, but spreading my choices of car marques and my personal taste of course influences my decision making process. Let’s see what you think of the cars and my choices from 1 to 10 in descending order, favourite first.

Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2

Wow. Just look at it. Beautiful design. Looks super cool. Lovely paint work. I love it.


Ferrari F40
Ferrari F40, Salon Prive Classic Supercar 2022,
Ferrari F40

An iconic car for sure. I just love the Ferrari F40 and this car was immaculate. Bravo to the owner.


Ford GT

What a car. Me and my son just love this car, the shape. Iconic. I’m not keen on black cars, but it has to be said it looks good in black.


Ferrari 512M

Love this car. Unfortunately this car doesn’t have the original wheels for whatever reason, which I think is a shame, but maybe the owner prefers the shape they have. Each to their own.

.tnhe car

McLaren 765LT Spider

Would so love to drive this car. The McLaren 720S was stupid quick, so I imagine this is unbelievable and a pleasure on all the senses.


Ferrari 458 Speciale

What’s not to love, like the F430 Scuderia before it, and the 360 Challenge Stradale before that, a hardcore, lightened Ferrari, yes please. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a special car and another car I’d so love to drive.


Ferrari F12 TdF

In a metallic blue, yes I know that’s not the actual Ferrari colour name, but it does look sharp, don’t you agree?


Porsche 911 GT3 RS

I’m not a massive Porsche 911 fan, but if you’re going to have a Porsche 911, like so many people, stand out and have a bold and different colour. We liked this green colour.


1960 Abarth 2200 Allemano Spider

I’d never seen this car before, but a cool classic car. You can read more about this very rare car here.


McLaren 600 LT

In yellow. This colour with the black accents just works. It looks great.


And of course my car which I couldn’t put in the top 10 for obvious reasons.

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Another honourable mention:

TVR Sagaris

Even if you are not a fan of TVR, then you have to love this paintwork. Multiple colours, so cool.


So there you have our top 10 beautiful cars featured at Salon Prive Classic and Supercar 2022 by the Drivers Union Supercar club. I hope you liked this co0ncise run down of cars.

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See you around.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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