DIY Shop Tool: Turning A 16 inch Long Chunk Of Railroad Track Into An Anvil For Your Shop

Using not much more than an angle grinder and a tape measure, you can make a VERY nice small anvil for your shop. While it seems like it would be awesome to have a big anvil that weighs hundreds of pounds, the truth is that most people who are not heating and forging metal probably don’t have the need for one that big. But most of us would like to have something bigger and more precise than the little anvile pad that you find on the back of most vises. Hell, sometimes that doesn’t even exist so our vise ends up getting a part set on the top and then beat half to death. An anvil can save your vise from a lot of damage.

In this video you are going to see a 16 inch chunk of railroad track, which is actually much easier to find than you might expect, getting measured, marked, and shaped, into a really impressive and clean-looking anvil. I seriously doubt that most of you would have any trouble making an acceptable version of this in your own garage at home.

Video Description:

In this video, I turn a Railroad Track into an Anvil using an Angle Grinder. This was a good metalworking project for me, I totally enjoyed doing this, it was one of those simple jobs I like, putting something on the workbench cutting some stuff off it, and cleaning it up a bit, and the job is done. Hahaha, Good times.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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