May 28, 2022


Half the Automotive

CyclingTips Digest: Zwift World Champs, A Skinny Tire Field Test, Terrible Cycling Hacks, & More


By: Dave Everett

In our Ten Products We Love articles, we each gather ten items that we’ve loved. It may be gear we’ve acquired through the year via testing, new bits we’ve spent our own cold hard cash on or maybe items that aren’t new to the 2020 manufacture catalogue but new to us.

We hope each list says something about the author. Actually, there are a couple that isn’t that hard to guess as to who the gear belongs to. For starters, there are no prizes for guessing the tech guru who has eleven of the ten items being tools (or something close to that), and equally, there are zero awards given to the sleuths amongst you who work out the author who’s included a “Swift” product in their list – and yes, I do mean Swift as in Taylor, not “Zwift” as I’m guessing most of you would understandably expect.

To accompany the article, we thought we’d put a video together. But don’t worry, it’s not an epic marathon where we each delve into our top ten and ramble. Nope, I thought better of that. Instead, I’ve asked for two items from each member of staff, who either had a few moments on their hands or could be bothered to do a bit of filming – yeah I’m looking at you Iain, letting the Oz side down.

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