Do You Know How Will You Drive During A Storm?

Tips For Driving Through a Hurricane or Storm

Often due to storm and heavy rainfall, the affected areas may become quite dangerous to drive. There can be road sediments, landslides, flash flooding, rocks falling, and also falling trees. Car drivers must put their safety first and be up-to-date with the road conditions of different locations.  

In most of the driving school Sydney like LTRENT, nobody is going to teach you, especially how you should drive during such conditions and hence in this short write up we shall discuss this issue. 

Following  are a few tips to drive under various unwelcome weather conditions:

Driving during  storm

  1. Make sure that your tires must not lose their tread. Usually, bald tires have no grip on wet roads and hence you may lose control. 
  2. Ensure that your door seals are well maintained. 
  3. Remain up-to-date about your car maintenance. During such time if the car breaks down then you will be totally frustrated. 
  4. You must slow down your speed that you are comfortable with, as by driving slowly you are not likely to get into an accident, but if you drive too fast in such bad weather then there are chances that you are more likely to crash.
  5. If you find that visibility is too low, then put your headlights on and this will make it much easier for all other drivers to notice you.
  6. You should not be afraid to stop if necessary. If you are not too comfortable driving under such conditions, then stop your car and take a break.

Driving during a lightning storm

Usually, a lightning storm or thunder itself can be quite sacry, and driving under such conditions will be really very dangerous, but it is normally safer than you might think.

Your car can also be struck by any lightning during the storm. Usually, if you have rubber tires then it will not stop. However, often cars that are hit by lightning may act like a Faraday cage, which generally will stop occupants to get shocked. 

Normally, the lightning strike will be directed around the car through its metal frame. Park your car in the safest place during any lightning storm.

There are a few caveats to this. Electricity can still pass through various metal components of your car, so you must avoid touching any metal parts while you are driving during the storm. 

Also, any lightning strike may damage your car itself, which may also have knock-on effects, your airbags may go off. Finally, your soft-top convertibles may not have such a Faraday cage effect, as they do not put a metallic roof above the head.

If in some faraway place there is a lightning storm then probably you can keep driving. However, be sure that you drive in a direction that will suit your conditions. If there is lightning in close by area then better not to drive. 

If you are caught then put on your hazard lights and wait for it to pass. You may keep your hands on your lap while waiting.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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