Gear Break: Samurai Bike, Dynaplug, KICKR Hardware, NASA Clothing, OSMO Nutrition and 25% Off Pegatin

Gear Break: New kit and a discount voucher: Scalatore Samurai – The latest super bike from Czech bicycle manufacturer Festka, the new Dynaplug Racer Pro, KICKR direct connect accessory allows for hardwired connections for newest KICKR, State Bicycles astronaut collection with NASA logos, OSMO Nutrition introduces blueberry pomegranate active hydration and get 25% off from Pegatin.

Scalatore Samurai – The Latest Super Bike from Czech Bicycle Manufacturer Festka’s Workshop


Each Festka Prime bike is a masterpiece and an original, custom-made for its future rider. Festka is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can build a custom carbon bike. However, the brand‘s construction and design process goes much further. There is a story behind each Festka Prime model. Plus, Festka regularly gives its products unique graphic design schemes which have gained the company a growing peloton of customers and admirers.

The latest addition to the highest custom category that Festka offers represents the second time the company has collaborated with illustrator Michal Bačák (the first being the Festka Spectre Porcelain model). The current Scalatore model, the lightest and most elaborate frame in the company’s portfolio, hand-decorated in Bačák’s unmistakable style with an Asian theme featuring mythological dragons and samurai warriors, will surprisingly not be ridden in Asia, but in South America. The process of designing, making and decorating the Scalatore Samurai frame took nine months in total.


“Frames at this level are either real works of art created by renowned artists, or they are highly complicated designs from our artistic director requiring unrivaled mastery and precision in the paint shop,” says Michael Moureček, co-founder of Festka.

Thanks to the Festka creative team’s high level of skills and the brand‘s cooperation with carefully selected artists, Festka has gradually built itself a position where it has no real competitors. Of course, such personalized bicycles produced as a single unique piece cost a small fortune. However, the growing interest in them indicates that there are many cyclists in the world who want to be different and are ready to pay for the highest quality and unique design.


One thing that‘s very unique is Festka‘s ability to build a carbon frame tailored exactly to the rider. Only a handful of manufacturers can do this, and even professionals in the Tour de France have to ride stock frame sizes. The weight of the Scalatore Samurai when fully built is 6.9 kg. It is fitted with Italy’s Campagnolo electronic groupset with hydraulic disc brakes, Lightweight carbon wheels, a Schmolke carbon seatpost and its THM carbon cockpit, roadbars and stem are made by German specialist manufacturers. The tires are supplied by Czech manufacturer Tufo. In addition to the frame set, the stem and the saddle are also decorated in line with the rest of the frame.

“I thank Festka for creating such a beautifully detailed masterpiece from the best components and this amazing frame. I am grateful for this experience; I really enjoyed it and I am now a proud member of the Festka family. I’m so happy I’m already planning my next project,” says bike owner Mitchell.

“I am very happy to have had another opportunity to illustrate a custom-made bike for Festka. It was a demanding process, but it was worth it,” adds illustrator Michal Bačák.

la passione winter 2021 cycling apparel


● More information at:
● And Michal Bačák at:

The New Dynaplug Racer Pro
Now With Twice the Tire Plugs!

Dynaplug Racer Pro

The tire-plugging experts (and intergalactic meerkats) at Dynaplug have managed to improve upon their most-popular tire-plugging tool by adding their new Twin-Tube technology to the Racer tool…begetting the RACER PRO!

Tubeless tires are not only faster to ride, they are also faster to repair in the event of a puncture. Dynaplug has established itself as the best solution for fast repairs in the field, and now introduces the Racer Pro, combining the best features of current Racer-series tools into a single tire-plugging masterpiece. Featuring the Twin Tube™ technology debuted on the Covert Handlebar-stashed tire plug tool kit, the Racer Pro has two pre-loaded plug tubes per side, meaning four plugs ready-to-go in an instant.

Dynaplug Racer Pro

Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel, the Racer Pro weighs 26g, only 2g more than the prior generation, yet delivers twice the puncture-defeating power!

The Racer Pro comes with snug snap-on caps protecting both sides which pop off to expose the end of the patented Dynaplug tire plug, either the classic size with wheel-friendly soft brass tip or the aluminum Megaplug for extra-mega-big punctures. Riders can flip the Twin Tube around by unthreading it, configuring the tool for their own plug needs.

Dynaplug Racer Pro

Racer Pro Kit Includes:
● Dynaplug® Racer Pro tool
● 3 Soft-Tip Plugs (Pointed tip)
● 1 – Megaplug (Bullet tip)
● 2 – double-sided Twin Tube insertion tubes – 1 with Megaplug on one side and 1 with two Classic Size tubes on the other.

Racer Pro Features:
● Lightweight – 26g
● Machined from Aluminum and Stainless Steel in Chico CA
$54.99 MSRP
● More info at: Product Page

New From Wahoo: KICKR Direct Connect Accessory Allows for Hardwired Connections for Newest KICKR
New Zwift Upgrade Lets KICKR BIKE Users Steer with Integrated Buttons


Wahoo is pleased to announce its new KICKR Direct Connect accessory, designed to ensure that all riders can complete virtual rides and races without worrying about signal loss. KICKR Direct Connect is the world’s only device that allows riders to create a wired connection between their modern indoor ride simulator and their home network.


The KICKR Direct Connect, available now, costs $99.99. As of today, Wahoo’s SUF Training System, TrainerRoad, FullGaz, and RGT Cycling are compatible. Other platforms are expected to become compatible in the coming months, including Zwift.


“We’re extremely proud to be the only indoor riding brand to offer our customers a way to create a hard-wired connection between their KICKR and home network,” said Wahoo KICKR Product Manager Tyler Harris. “While a wireless connection works very well for most riders, those who have connectivity challenges, or those who simply cannot risk a dropout during an important race or workout will be able to ride with increased confidence and reliability by using KICKR Direct Connect.”


To create a wired connection, users connect an ethernet cable to either their personal computer or home network router, and plug the other end into their KICKR Direct Connect, which then plugs into a port on the newest model of KICKR. By wiring KICKR into their device or home networks, Wahoo is able to add a layer of security for riders whose riding environment is crowded with radio frequency (RF) signals, who regularly have problems with dropouts during their rides, or who require maximum confidence in their equipment for virtual rides and racing.

At present, the newest generation of KICKR (V5), the choice for most discriminating indoor cyclists thanks to its class-leading ride feel and Wahoo KICKR ecosystem integration, is the only Wahoo trainer compatible with KICKR Direct Connect.

kickr bike

Zwift Update Enables New KICKR BIKE Steering Functionality
An update to Zwift’s platform, released on Thursday, Jan. 22, allows KICKR BIKE riders to use thumb buttons located on the inside of the left and right brake lever hoods to utilize Zwift’s Futureworks steering functionality within the game.

“When we designed KICKR BIKE, we intentionally built in features we knew wouldn’t be usable at launch, but which would be huge assets to our riders once the software platforms caught up to our hardware,” said Harris. “Now that Zwift is ready to roll out steering to more users, we’re excited that KICKR BIKE will give our riders a seamless way to enjoy Zwifting, and to immerse themselves even more fully in virtual rides and races.”

KICKR BIKE steering leverages existing thumb buttons to let riders navigate around the Zwift universe. Zwift automatically detects that KICKR BIKE supports steering and introduces riders to the Futureworks steering feature. The left button steers you left and the right steers you right.

● Learn more about Wahoo’s full line of products and apps at

State Bicycles Drops The Astronaut Collection With NASA Logos
Boldly Going Where No Bike Brand Has Gone Before


State Bicycle Co. is introducing the Astronaut Collection of riding clothing, featuring three jerseys, bibshorts and a reflective jacket all sporting NASA logos.

The Astronaut Collection is inspired by the exploits of NASA’s spacefarers, and keeps it down-to-Earth with REPREVEⓇ recycled polyester, underlining State Bicycle Co.’s earthly commitment to sustainability. The jerseys and bibshorts are made from 100% post-consumer waste, and ship in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging. Your gear will look like you just stepped out of the SpaceX Starship, ready to ride for miles.

The dark color schemes are inspired by the beautiful views of Earth from space through the life-sustaining atmosphere, while the light solid colors are reminiscent of the protective suits worn by the NASA astronauts.


Astronaut Collection Clothing:
● Made from REPREVE Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester
● State Bicycle Co. x NASA – Atmosphere Jersey – $79.99
● State Bicycle Co. x NASA – White Jersey – $79.99
● State Bicycle Co. x NASA – Black Jersey – $79.99
● State Bicycle Co. x NASA – Bibs – $89.99
● State Bicycle Co. X NASA – Reflective Jacket – $85.00
Collection Landing Page

OSMO Nutrition Introduces Blueberry Pomegranate Active Hydration
New Flavor Packs a Punch


Osmo Nutrition is introducing a new flavor to their Active Hydration line of science-backed sports hydration drink mixes. Blueberry Pomegranate joins the existing Orange, Blackberry and Lemon-Lime flavors, offering a delicious new way to maintain optimal hydration when working out.

The Blueberry Pomegranate Active Hydration formula uses natural ingredients like sucrose, glucose, and a custom blend of electrolytes to replace water lost during activity, providing optimal workout results. The tasty and lightly-flavored drink can also delay fatigue and reduce cramps, expediting recovery. As with the other Active Hydration flavors, Blueberry Pomegranate remains Vegan and Gluten/Dairy Free.

Osmo Active: Proven Scientific Hydration

By the time you begin to feel thirsty, you’re already 2% dehydrated, making your workout harder due to a corresponding 11% loss in power. Osmo Active Hydration was created based on research finding the most efficient way to replace water lost during exercise, offering the fastest route to rehydration and recovery.

Flavored with real fruit, Active Hydration uses about ½ the sugar of many competitors, offering a 3.5% carbohydrate percentage. The sugars and salts present in the Osmo formula are there to achieve optimal Osmolality, balanced with your body for faster rehydration than other sports drinks.

The optimized formula of Osmo Active Hydration is balanced with your body, allowing faster uptake, helping you achieve better hydration during and after your workout. Other formulas with common 6-8% sugar volumes can slow rehydration because of how your body processes the higher sugar volume. These formulas are digested more slowly, with your body having to add water across gut membranes to dilute the drink prior to reabsorption.

An additional benefit of the Osmo Active Hydration formula is the light flavor and consistency are easy to drink, allowing you to enjoy the Blueberry Pomegranate flavors (and others) even during intense efforts. Between delicious flavors and more effective hydration, Osmo Active Hydration is the clear choice for anyone looking to improve their exercise experience.


Product Features:
● Replaces lost body water with an optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes
● Reduces cramps
● Delays fatigue
● Boosts endurance and power
● Product Page:
● MSRP: $20.00 (417g/40servings)

Pegatin: Get 25% Off From All Orders!
Maybe it’s time to make you and your team look more professional, as deserved.

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