The Best Ways To Make Your BMW Go Faster

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the best ways to upgrade the speed of your car? As you head to a BMW performance shop for car parts, look to options that add efficiency and durability. By making these factors a priority, your BMW will be able to perform at a high level.

As they say at CarBahn Autoworks, “With the best car parts, your car will gain power and be more mobile.” When you strive for top-quality upgrades, you can customize your car to meet your exact needs.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the best ways you can make your BMW go faster.

Set Up A Large Diameter Throttle Body

One of the best things you can do for your BMW is to set up a large diameter throttle body. A throttle body helps to regulate the airflow going into your car’s engine. The LDTB is a central part of your car since its engine needs air to ignite more efficiently.

When you install an LDTB with large flaps, it allows more air to flow into your engine. With throttle bodies that deliver air at a higher rate, your car will be able to speed up faster.

Before you head to a BMW performance shop, think about making installing an LDTB part of your plans. You’ll stand to be on track to increase the overall performance of your BMW.

Look To Upgrade Your Air Intake System

BMW Air Intake Upgrade

Air intake systems contain a pipe with an air filter at the end. What this system does is that it allows your car’s engine to bring in more air. BMW engines run on a mixture of air and fuel. These elements allow for your car to breathe easier and run more efficiently.

As you enhance your car’s air intake system, you’ll want to ensure that your engine receives cold air. By helping your car take in more cold air, you can increase its power. With more power comes a faster speed for your BMW.

Work To Upgrade The Fuel System Of Your Car

While at a BMW performance shop, you can complement your car’s air intake system by upgrading its fuel system. Below is a list of high-flow fuel system parts you’ll need to help enhance the performance of your BMW:

You’ll also need a sizable gas line to help your car consume more fuel in each cylinder. These parts help provide your BMW with the appropriate air/fuel ratio it needs for a faster speed. With the latest fuel system, you’ll be able to enhance your BMW’s performance.

Look To Upgrade Your Exhaust System

BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust

You can also enhance your car’s speed by upgrading its exhaust system. The exhaust system is another prime component that helps determine the overall performance of your BMW.

With a new or aftermarket BMW performance exhaust, you can ease the flow of the exhaust. What this measure does is that it helps reduce the amount of engine restriction. It also frees up some of the power in your car’s engine. With these efforts, your BMW stands to gain a faster speed and reach its potential.

Invest In New Electric Fans For Your Car

Each BMW car has a fan that pulls air through the radiator. It works to keep the engine at a cool and functioning temperature. Some older BMW cars have mechanical fans that draw power away from the engine.

If you have an older BMW model, replacing your old fan with an electric one can help benefit you. A new electric fan will help free up some of your BMW’s horsepower. Taking measures like these can help you gain more speed while on the road.

Tune The ECU System Of Your Car

ECU tuning is a software update that removes factory restraints on a car to improve its performance. Below are two ways you can tune a BMW engine:

Tuning Box

A tuning box works by changing the signal between the software and the fuel injection system. These efforts help increase the amount of fuel injection and enable the engine to boost pressure.

Full Engine Management System

A can serve you well if you have highly tuned cars or require maximum tunability measures. Here are some ways a FEMS helps boost performance:

  • Ensures the right engine fuel amount
  • Inspects your engine speed and load
  • Provides ignition spark
  • Tracks engine temperature

Either measure helps your BMW gain fuel efficiency and speed in the process.

Choose A BMW Performance Shop That Will Enhance The Potential Of Your Car

As you seek parts at a BMW performance shop, look to make productiveness a priority. Like recommends, “Upgrades that focus on efficiency will help maximize your car’s speed and power.” With the best upgrades, your BMW will perform at a high level.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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