Why is it better to rent a car for vacations instead of using your car?

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You have planned out every moment of your vacation trip. The hotel rooms have been booked, restaurant reservations have been made, you’ve marked all the sites you’d like to visit and the activities you’d like to partake in. The only thing left is the car. You’re going on a long road trip and you’re thinking about driving your car or using a rental car. If you ask me, I think you should use a rental car. Why? You may ask, seeing as it seems cheaper to just use the car in your parking lot. We’d talk about some reasons a rental car is a cheaper and a more convenient option.



The cost of insurance for rental cars can add about $30 to your daily rates, but there are cheaper insurance options you could purchase so that if the rental car is damaged, you get to save money as there’s no need to pay the deductible charges, whereas if you’re using your car insurance you will have to pay the deductible charges in the case of any damage to the car.



It’s better to get a car that can go longer distances with little gas, hence it’s wise to rent a car with more mileage than your car as it’ll help you save up on gas as well as cover more distance faster. You can read economybookings reviews to learn more about cat rental companies.


Value depreciation

Driving long distances can damage your car. It may not be something you notice right away but with time, you’d begin to notice the effects to parts like the tires and the engine, hence reducing the value of your car. Hence, it’s better to use a rental car to prevent rapid wear and tear of your vehicle. An example of companies that offer car rental service is car rental 8.


You need something bigger, stronger and more comfortable

Depending on the location and the length of your trip, you may need a bigger and more stable vehicle, for instance, if you’re driving through mountains and hills, you may want a car more suitable for that terrain. Also, if you’re going to be on the road for several days, you may want to get a van or an RV.


Are you fit to drive?

Driving long distances is no easy feat, you might want to put your health into consideration when deciding between your car or a rental car. If you have any medical issues, it’s advised you get a rental car with a driver, or if you’re much older, especially above the age of 60, then a rental car is the way to go, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation.


Spending more on maintenance and repairs

The more you drive your car, the more it is going to need repairs. Driving long distances in your car would cost you a lot of money in repairing and maintaining the car whereas you could save a lot of that by simply renting a car.

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