The Top Trending Activities and Games That Can Be Played while at The Racing

Going to the Grand Prix or any decent and recognized car racing has to be some of the most fun that you can have and enjoy as a car lover. There is, however, a fair amount of downtime, be it waiting for the race to start or during the races in which you aren’t interested. Or, depending on the track you’re at and the ability of the cars to bunch, you may not have anything to watch for a few moments as they complete the track circuits. Here are the top pastimes that you can legitimately take with you.

Mobile racing games

There are some incredibly realistic racing and driving games that would blow your mind as a lover of cars and racing. These have been the top games played by those waiting in queues, or at the track itself, between races and during a lull in the racing. From Formula 1-themed games to the more social Gran Turismo and GTA, they’re all about the cars and driving, great fun to take with you on the track on race day.

The mobile casino

The casino has the glitz and glam that motor racing and sports cars have, and as such, it’s a great combination. The games can be quick and simple and will generally not distract from the race. Do your due diligence and find sites that have been reviewed and recommended by others, a review site like will provide you with a great start and the information required to choose the right games. The slots/pokies or card and table games will provide fun and fast-paced entertainment to keep you happy no matter how long the break in the action is.

Stream the race and vlog

Being able to share bits of the race and some of the action as well as the interaction between and among the supporters and fans is now possible and a terrific way to build a reputation online as well as allow others to share the experience. Ensure that you have permission, and then just enjoy the vlogging process of taking short clips and sharing them on social media and chat forums. Keep the language used savory, and avoid filming others that aren’t in your specific spectator group unless you have permission.

Food and drinks

If it’s a full day at the races, then you will need to have planned ahead and either book about eating there or taking the supplies with you. It all depends on where you have managed to get seats/standing or spectator room. Most venues will allow you to bring in your picnic stuff as long as there are no glass bottles or containers. It is an activity that you must plan for or could very well spend too much on food and drinks or simply have to go without.

What you must keep in mind is that you are likely to be sitting with others, so keep the sound down or have earpieces to enable the best of both worlds, protection from the racing noise, and the ability to play music or game on the downtimes. It may indeed seem a strange addition to taking games to the racetrack, but in all honesty, there is a lot of downtime. Just getting into the venue can be time-consuming and quite boring unless you have something to keep you entertained then there are all the breaks in the action, and possible safety cars on the track, so having something else to keep you entertained is simply the way to go.

Katherine E. Ackerman

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